photography: Guido Stuch

The PerformanceLabs provide our audiences with an eclectic taste of dance from exciting local and global dance companies and choreographers.

The diverse curation of the PerformanceLab program will arouse and delight both new and established followers of dance. Be it dance theatre, breakdancing, ballet, improvisation or contemporary dance, the PerformanceLab showcases and embodies the diversity of dance in all its beauty.


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PerformanceLab #1: Jasmine Ellis // Yotam Peled




The performance consists of the world premieres of two international dance projects created as part of two different ResearchLabs in 2021. The performances were presented in a livestream evening that included a dance film by Jasmine Ellis Projects and a live dance performance by Yotam Peled & The Free Radicals.

For more information click here.


ONOMATOPOEIA by Jasmine Ellis

Dancers Adaya Berkovich and Woosang Jeon are on stage without an audience, trying to understand if what they are saying is being heard - or if the meaning of what they mean is being missed. A short furious dance film in a single take! (duration 10 minutes)
Choreography, Director: Jasmine Ellis
Dancers: Adaya Berkovich, Woosang Jeon
Dramaturg: Martina Missel
Cinematography: Ray Demski
Music: Anton Berman
Lighting: Svenja Zielenda
Production: Jasmine Ellis Projects / Bad Posture Productions / ROXY TanzLabor 2021


FAUNA FUTURA by Yotam Peled & The Free Radicals 

"Fauna Futura" shows the journey of five dancers in their bodies and the body of the land that asks them to forget, to surrender, to grow. As roots and branches, they travel together, expanding and climbing in different directions to merge by osmosis with the landscape into a new entity - the animal of the future. (Duration: approx. 35 minutes)
Choreography: Yotam Peled
Dancers: Hemda Ben Zvi, Amie-Blaire Chartier, Marie Hanna Klemm, Nitzan Moshe and Erin O'Reilly
Music: Nicolas Fehr
Lighting design: Hanna Kritten Tangsoo
Costume and set design: Moran Sanderovich
Dramaturgy: Valentin Vincent Braun 
Production management: Sofia Fantuzzi
Communication & Management: Laia Montoya / TINA Agency
Lighting technician: Patrick Rabus
Camera: Josef Sälzle, Andreas Usenbenz, Rob Stirner / Studio sechzehn
Production: Yotam Peled & The Free Radicals 

PerformanceLab #2: Helena Waldmann
23. - 25.07.2021
ROXY, Kornhausplatz, Weinhof



After what feels like an eternity of pandemic restrictions, Helena Waldmann is rebooting live culture with a truly untamed concept: Balagan!
Literally translated as "disorder", Balagan stands for the original folk theater: a stormy, wild fairground spectacle, wandering from city to city like the historical Commedia dell'arte.
For Helena Waldmann's pop-up festival for charioteers and all those who are part of it, short appearances on motorized cargo bikes were planned, among other things, which radiate a lot of sympathy, signal joy of life, and after which one turns with a grin - Piaggio Ape brand. They are vehicle, stage and throne at the same time.
Accompanying the 30-minute performance in public space runs the fantastic music of the Hamburg band MEUTE in the DJ set by Daniel Stenger - the whole thing was a fair, a festival of attitude, lively, colorful, emotional.
The BALAGAN! ensemble (local participants from Ulm)
Anna Nunnik
Antonia Hagen
Carla Schatz
Daria Schmid
Daria Unseld
Elisaveta Lerman
Furkan Cakamk
Jamie Stachl
Joanna Park
Karun Kohler
Katharina Hönes
Kevin Lopez
Laura Schacher
Luisa Adamo
Melanie Widmann
Philipp Raiß
Robert Vink
Sergej Kalyukh
Veronika Kalembach
Ape drivers:
Felix Krämer
Kiron Wagner
Lasse Riemhofer
Oguzhan Gürgen
Artistic director Tanzlabor Ulm: Pablo Sansalvador
Organisation of the local participants: Raphaelle Polidor 
Assistant director: Ruth Weigel
ROXY Production - On-Site Manager: Maren Donners
Technique: Daniel Stiller
Music: bensound.com
Video documentation: Rob Stirner
A production by Helena Waldmann www.helenawaldmann.com  and ecotopia dance productions www.ecotopiadance.com

PerformanceLab #3: Muñoz // Sansalvador // Noone // Goshen

20. - 22.08.2021

HIGHER! ChoreoLab – Made in Ulm


The ChoreoLab has assigned two choreographers from Ulm and two from Barcelona to investigate, reflect and question with their works what actually drives people to build always "higher"? Is it about power, prestige, status, identity or is it the human desire to unite and believe in something greater than ourselves? 
The dance evening consisted of four choreographies presented by four dancers. Two dancers are based in Germany, the other two in Spain. 
The "ChoreoLab - Made in Ulm" also started a cultural exchange between the cities of Ulm and Barcelona. As part of this exchange, the "ChoreoLab" evening "Higher!" was brought to Barcelona for a guest performance on September 18, 2021.
Choreographers: Paloma Muñoz, Pablo Sansalvador, Thomas Noone, and Smadar Goshen.  
Dancers: Tanit Cobas, Anna Raiola, Carlos Roncero, Adrian Ros 

PerformanceLab #4: Pablo Sansalvador

3. - 5.09.2021 & 10. - 12.09.2021

Dance with the Tiger

Artistic direction / Choreography: Pablo Sansalvador

"Dance with the Tiger" takes you into a world where augmented reality and dance merge into a performance experience. 
Three international "distant digital dance makers" - from Brazil, Hong Kong and the USA - develop and perform choreographies and transform them into augmented reality.  
The choreographer Pablo Sansalvador and two dancers created a live performance to music created especially for this project. The usual stage-audience distance is dissolved: up to ten people per performance can literally immerse themselves in the performance. With the help of tablets, the participants move in the space between the "digital dancers" in the form of their avatars and the real events.  
Artistic direction / Choreography: Pablo Sansalvador      
Music & Sound Composition: Max Levy      
3D Digital Animation: Guido Stuch     
Software development and code art: Alpay Artun      
Production Management: Raphaëlle Polidor     
Dramaturgy: Sandra Schumacher      
Live Dancers:in: Claire De Caluwe (Amsterdam), Miguel Toro (Saarbrücken)    
Distant Digital Dance Makers: Claudia Mwabasili & Roges Doglas (São Paulo), Zelia ZZ Tan (Hong Kong), Kelsey Paschich (Michigan)    
Duration: 40 minutes
This performance was also documented by RegioTV. You can find the report here.

PerformanceLab #5: Cia. Nadine Gerspacher


Non-upgraded existence


Cia. Nadine Gerspacher shows "Non-Upgraded Existence", the third and last part of her trilogy, which deals with digital technologies and their influence on humans. Inspired by the global mobilization of the young generation against the exploitation of ecological resources, the piece stages an end-time scenario that makes a return to basic human needs such as love, closeness and social interaction seem indispensable.
What is happiness and what makes us human? In her usual manner, Cia. Nadine Gerspacher stages a multimedia dance theater characterized by powerful dance and acrobatic elements.

PerformanceLab #6: Cia. Aina Lanas




MAWU brings femininity to the stage through the figure of six free and empowered women and their search for identity in the collective, in movement and in their ritual.



PerformanceLab #7: Sofia Nappi


Wabi-Sabi & REVA




Wabi-Sabi, originating from Japanese, is an aesthetic concept, a worldview that focuses on the acceptance of transitoriness, finding beauty in the "imperfect, impermanent and incomplete" of our lives. Wabi-Sabi explores our life journey as individuals, most of whom are in constant turmoil and various states of grief, and proposes a deeper understanding of our existence. Acceptance of the essence of our nature and the beauty found in its apparent imperfections brings constant growth, renewal and joy through the process of moving forward with it, not away from it.

Choreografie: Sofia Nappi
Tänzer:innen: Sofia Nappi, Adriano Popolo Rubbio, Paolo Piancastelli
Kostüme: Sofia Nappi
Lichtregie: Emiliano Minoccheri
Produktion: Sosta Palmizi mit KOMOCO / Sofia Nappi
With the support of New Master Ballet with the Municipality of Sestri Levante, KOMMTANZ/Passo Nord Residencies Abbondanza/Bertoni Company in collaboration with the Municipality of Rovereto.
Awards: Special mention for the 2020 Theodor Rawyler Prize.
Duration: 20 min. 


REVA, from Hindi: "to gather strength", "rain", asks the question: What if you woke up tomorrow and had nothing left of what we often take for granted in everyday life? Nowadays, we are often so conditioned by our interpretation of the past and our expectations of the future that we live in a constant survival mode, desperately trying to find meaning and purpose for our limited lives. If you suddenly found yourself naked with nothing to lose, you would probably instead join the universal dance of life and the unconditional love of the present moment. It's like getting caught in the rain: either you try in vain to run away from it and not get wet, or you stop and consciously choose to feel the rain and thus connect with the universe.

Choreography: Sofia Nappi
Dancers: Paolo Piancastelli
Costumes: Sofia Nappi
Lighting: Sofia Nappi 
Production: Sosta Palmizi with KOMOCO/ Sofia Nappi
Co-production: TanzLabor - ROXY Ulm
REVA was created in collaboration with dancer Paolo Piancastelli.
With the support of Opus Ballet, DeDa Productions, Teatro Affratellamento
Duration: 20 min.  
PerformanceLab #8: Pablo Sansalvador

9. - 16.12.2021



"The ten-minute installation asks viewers to look up and reflect on the blind encounters and constant shifting and negotiation of life that take place after dark. We are all part of something larger, yet only a small speck in time and space." - Pablo Sansalvador
Direction, concept and choreography in collaboration with the team: Pablo Sansalvador (New Zealand) - www.pablosansalvador.com 
Dancers: Einav Kringel (Israel) & Giordan Cruz (USA) 
Music: Ashley Wright (Australia) - www.ashleyalexandra.net 
Dramaturgical and choreographic assistance: Mar Rodriguez (Spanien) 
Camera: Andreas Usenbenz (Germany) - www.studiosechzehn.com 
Technical installation: Alexander Rehm (Germany) - www.audio-express.de
DUSK was supported in the Kultursommer 2021 program by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media (BKM) with funds from NEUSTART KULTUR.
PerformanceLab #9: company Idem & Moving Orchestra Freiburg


GESTIK & Stampede Disaster Control

By company Idem & Moving Orchestra Freiburg

This double feature dance performance was inspired by the DANCE DATE concept, a dating platform for contemporary dance initiated by TanzNetz and E-WERK Freiburg. The first piece "Gestik" was performed by company Idem, the second piece "Stampede Disaster Control" by Moving Orchestra from Freiburg.

company Idem: GESTIK

In this work, company Idem explores how gestures affect us emotionally. Corona's restriction of close contact and the wearing of masks has made us more aware of the importance of gestures. In a matter of seconds, we interpret gestures and are moved or "touched."

Gestures generate emotions, refer to the nature of relationships between people, and offer an infinite spectrum of communication possibilities. While upward facing palms symbolize openness, downward facing palms can be interpreted as dominance on the one hand, or have a calming effect on the other.... With walls that divide, exaggerated facial expressions and with explosive movements Company Idem choreographically interprets the social Covid19 situation.   

Choreography: Matthias Kass
Dancers: Matthias Kass & Rosalia Pace



Moving Orchestra Freiburg/ Michael Langenecker: Stampede Disaster Control

Originally, "stampedes" refer to the escape movement in a herd of animals, as well as the dynamics of crowds. Under the artistic direction of Michael Langeneckert, the dancers inspired by current events explore the effects of stampedes and are accompanied live by the musician Bernd Wegener. In the production, chaos is explored with the aim of finding a new order. What becomes visible when the obvious gives way to what lies hidden beneath the surface? Can these dynamics bring about positive developments?

Choreography: Michael Langeneckert
Dancers: Tina Halford, Raul Martinez, Robin Rohrmann, Rebecca Weingartner
Music: Bernd Wegener



Photo: Guido Stuch

PerformanceLab #10: #ShowMeYourMoves Pt.1



Performance platform

#ShowMeYourMoves! creates performance opportunities, connects and inspires dance creators in Southern Germany to bring their work together on stage. The performance platform aims to create an exchange between dance lovers and dance creators through shared performance experiences.

We would like to use #ShowMeYourMoves! to showcase dance of all styles and from diverse artistic backgrounds. Five 15-minute dance performances were shown, independently created by the participants.


Tina Halford (GER) from Freiburg: "My blue is your green".

Raphaëlle Polidor (FRA) from Ulm: "Home?"

Jonas Frey (GER) from Mannheim: "Signature Snippets"

Natalie Bury (SUI) from Munich: "Fucking Beautiful".

Alina Belyagina (supported by the city of Munich) and Anima Henn (DEU): "Firebot".

Photo: Benjamin Krauss

PerformanceLab #11: Edan Gorlicki




For three years, Edan Gorlicki and his team have been examining how our society deals with traumatic experiences. In IMPACT, the first part of the trilogy, five dancers go to the epicenter of the event. Without merely retelling an event, the piece explores how the body reacts when catastrophe happens out of nowhere: How do people comprehend the sudden change and how do they respond? What mechanisms lead to flight, defense or rigidity? How does the experience of time change when the body takes control? How free is the human being to respond?

Concept/Choreography and Stage: Edan Gorlicki
Co-developed and performed by: Alfonso Fernández Sánchez, Amy Josh, Eli Cohen, Lorenzo Ponteprimo, TingAn Ying
Costume and choreographic assistence: Evandro Pedroni
Light: Ingo Jooß
Music: Harrison McClary
Dramaturgy and Building-Actions Program: Eva-Maria Steinel
Production management: Janin Friese
Management: Sarah Thöle
Fundraising: Susanne Brauer
Social Media & PR: Jael Krämer
Touring Management: Ricarda Walter
Production: INTER-ACTIONS in co-production with Theater Rampe Stuttgart and Karlstorbahnhof Heidelberg.


PerformanceLab #12: Pablo Sansalvador

12. - 20.06

Tanz mit dem Tiger 2.0

Artistic Direction / Choreography: Pablo Sansalvador

A new and transformed embrace of virtuality and reality through dance.

In 2021, choreographer Pablo Sansalvador collaborated with international artists to create a live performance with music composed especially for this project. The goal was the symbiosis of exciting technological possibilities and the freedom of modern dance art. For 2022, the team aims to redefine the boundaries of augmented reality and live dance, creating an enhanced and extraordinary experience for the audience: Tanz mit dem Tiger 2.0.

The audience will experience a new combination of dance art and new technologies (motion capture technology). Using a tablet, the audience will see both the two live dancers and the four digital choreographers - from Brazil, Hong Kong and the USA - in the form of their transformed avatars.

Artistic director / choreography: Pablo Sansalvador  
Music and sound composition: Max Levy  
3D Digital Animator: Guido Stuch, Sabin Timalsena
Software developer and programmer: Alpay Artun  
Production management: Raphaëlle Polidor
Dramaturg: Sandra Schumacher  
Live dancers: Claire De Caluwe (Amsterdam) Miguel Toros (Saabrücken)
Distant Digital Dance Makers: Claudia Mwabasili & Roges Doglas (Sao Paolo), Zelia ZZ Tan (Hong Kong), Kelsey Paschich (Michigan)

Supported by the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts Baden-Württemberg.

Produced by TanzLabor Ulm and ROXY Ulm with digital realization by Widerstand und Söhne GmbH and appearance by Forever. Design office.

PerformanceLab #13: Julia Maria Koch




What would have happened if Adam and Eve had been different people?

EDEN is a multidisciplinary movement piece that combines dance, music, voice work and poetry with a strong physical and visual approach.

The work deals with the always relevant questions of freedom and humanity, but also with the fantasy of another beginning, not as a new beginning, but conceived as a hypothesis about other possibilities and choices.

According to the Swiss philosopher Emil Angehrn, the beginning can be experienced in three different ways:
As the opening of a free space.
As the release of possibilities.
As the installation of a ruling power.

EDEN is an intellectual experiment that discusses the heterogeneity of the raised questions and reflects the tension that is inherent in reference to the origin as a whole - which can be experienced and grasped by means of bodies in space and thus collectively shared and carried forward.

Concept and choreography: Julia Maria Koch
Dance and creation: Romane Petit, Camille Jackson, Yadira Rodríguez, Erick Odriozola, Fabio Calvisi
Music/ Composition: Konstantin Heuer, Thorolf Thuestad
Co-composition, performance, voice and text work: Alwynne Pritchard
Lighting design: Torsten Lippstock
Costume: Julia Maria Koch with design work and friendly support of Studio DRKRM and daijanala, Berlin
Tailor: Ibrahim Biawa

Special thanks to Bine Eberhardt.

EDEN was created as part of the TanzLabor ResearchLab and is a joint co-production with E-Werk and Tanz-Netz Freiburg. The performance had its premiere at the Ulm Moves! Dance Festival.

PerformanceLab #14: #ShowMeYourMoves Pt.2



Performance platform


The performance platform was presented for the second time at the Ulm Moves! Festival. Once again, a variety of different dance styles were featured, both by regional and international artists.



Idea, Concept, Choreography, Performance: Rosalie Wanka (Munich/GER)


Choreography: Nikolaos Doede (USA) 
Dancers: Terra Kell and Gabriela Finardi from Staatstheater Augsburg

Credo und Crucifixus (excerpts from "Messa di Gloria") 

Choreography: Reiner Feistel (GER)
Dance Company: Theater Ulm
Dancers: Seungah Park, Alba Pérez González
Music: Giacomo Puccini
Costume: Petra Mollerus, Frank Fellmann


Choreography / Performance: Sade Mamedova (Mannheim/GER) 
Solo Performance by Sade Mamedova

Very tiny little drop of wax. 

Choreography: Mei Chen (CHN) and Yannis Brissot (FRA)
Dancers: Mei Chen and Yannis Brissot from Theater Pforzheim

KYRIE (excerpt from "Messa di Gloria")

Choreography: Reiner Feistel (GER)
Dance Company: Theater Ulm
Dancers: Carmen Vázquez Marfil, Magnum Phillipy, Alekseij Canepa, Gabriel Mathéo Bellucci, Alba Pérez González, Nora Paneva, Seungah Park Maya Mayzel, Edoardo Dalfoco Neviani
Solo: Alekseij Canepa
Music: Giacomo Puccini
Costume: Petra Mollérus

Photo: Ella Teubner

PerformanceLab #15: Laura Saumweber // Paula Niehoff
12. - 13.07.2022

Ode an die Dinge

Dance event incl. workshop for school classes

„Ode an die Dinge“ shapes the field of cultural education, learning, perceiving, experiencing and experiencing together with our kids outside the usual school environment.

With a lot of dedication dance is taught in a playful way and can be experienced in the following workshop. With their unique performance-workshop combination, the two dancers Laura Saumweber and Paula Niehoff open up new possibilities for children in the field of contemporary dance and take us on a dance journey through strange absurdities.

The stage is constantly redesigned with and through many objects, becoming a wonderland, living room or the purest chaos. So it never gets boring!

The educational experience in "Ode to Things" is thus up close, immediate and low-threshold.

Idea, choreography and dance: Laura Saumweber & Paula Niehoff

This event was exclusively aimed at school classes.

PerformanceLab #16: Daniela Rodriguez Romero
22. - 24.07.2022
Wilhelmsburg, Glacis-Park, ROXY


Artistic Director: Daniela Rodriguez Romero

URBAN CREATION is a dance project with the goal to strengthen the urban arts, to contribute more diversity in the stage context and to promote and demand theater for the use of ALL in Baden-Württemberg.

The project is created as a co-production between the informal production organization CBO (Creative Beings Organizm) and the socio-cultural center ROXY Ulm.

Together with fourteen urban dance artists, the team, consisting of the producer and artistic director Daniela Rodriguez Romero, the choreographers Jean Didier "Sponkystyle" Mamona and Saraï Patisson, will develop a stage play on the theme of creativity culture.

Creative Leaders: Jean Didier Sponkystyle Mamona & Saraï Patisson

Creators: Donya Ahmadifar, David MR. Quick Kwiek, Annalisa Capriotti, Philipp Itz me Raiß, Maren Funky Mae Wittig, Rymon Rayboom Zacharei, Lydia Ladi Dadi Tesfai, Kevin Garro, Veronika Vikki Kalembach, Luisa Möller, Emilie Pesch, Jamie Chris Stachl, Yasin Demir, Levy Elasu

Music Producer: Ferdinand Feierabend

DJ & MC: Jamiere Purple Suggar Carr

Stage Design: Daniela Rodriguez Romero & Marcos Espíndola Rieger

Costume Design: Annalisa Capriotti & Bob Sizoo 

Production office: CBO Creative Beings Organizm
Daniela Rodriguez Romero (Production management)
Laila Grillo (Production management)
Emilie Pesch (Public Relations)
Erdem Tikil (Communication design)

Coproducer: ROXY Ulm 

Cooperation partner: Tanzlabor Ulm

Photographer: Joachim Manuel Riederer

Videographer: Erdem Tikil

Supported by the NATIONAL PERFORMANCE NETWORK - STEPPING OUT, funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of the NEUSTART KULTUR. Support Program Dance.

Supported by:
Sportfabrik Mittelbiberach
Moorbadstuben Hotel Bad Buchau
LUNCA Kreativräume & LOFT Stuttgart
Ulm City Graffiti

PerformanceLab #17: company Idem



company Idem

It is the external aspect that often deviates from reality - the gap between appearance and reality.

In our modern society, for many, appearance seems to take precedence over being - appearing better than you really are. The new digital age has amplified the phenomenon. This leads to the fact that we invest an incredible amount of time and energy to realize our idea of ourselves. This behavior happens unconsciously as the culture and environment focuses on the authenticity of the individual. The individual feels tempted to rely on role models and falls for the world of beautiful appearances as they are presented to them.

Artistic directors and choreographers: Clément Bugnon & Matthias Kass
Dancers: Rosalia Pace, Pauline Richard, Manolo Perazzi, Stefano Roveda, Mattia Saracino, Tommaso Quartani
Composer: Michio Woirgardt
Set & costume designer: Katharina Andes
Producer: company Idem
Co-producer: Théâtre Benno Besson - Yverdon-les-Bains

company Idem is artist in residence at Théâtre Benno Besson (2022/25).

Supporters and sponsors
Canton of Vaud, the cities of Yverdon-les-Bains and Sainte-Croix, Lotterie Romande, CEPY Foundation, Corymbo Foundation, Migros Kulturprozent, Ernst Göhner Foundation, LeZartiCirque and Phönix Theater Steckborn am Untersee.


PerformanceLab #18: Guntín // Elliott // Insaudo

15. - 19.10.2022

PLAY! ChoreoLab - Made in Ulm

by Ester Guntín, Simone Elliott, Giovanni Insaudo

The 4th edition of ChoreoLab is titled PLAY! inspired by Albert Einstein's quote "Play is the highest form of research". The three internationally acclaimed and emerging choreographers Simone Elliott (USA), Ester Guntin (ESP) and Giovanni Insaudo (ITA) created an energetic and playful evening of dance and take up the challenge to create three new works with four international dancers - all under the motto PLAY! Through play we reveal what kind of people we really are. A stimulating performance that also motivated the audience to play.

Artistic direction: Pablo Sansalvador  
Choreographers: Simone Elliott (USA), Ester Guntin (ESP) and Giovanni Insaudo (ITA)
Rehearsal direction: Mar Rodríguez Valverde  
Production management: Steffi Bichweiler
Dancers: Gloria Garcia Garrido (ESP), Enrique Lopez Flores (ESP), Shih-Ping Lin (TWN), Giulia Pizzuto (ITA)

PerformanceLab #19: Les Schini's



Dance performance by Les Schini's

In search of the best possible version of herself, a young woman trains herself to exist under the gaze of others. In front of a large mirror, she shapes her reflection according to her demands. Tired of what the young woman imposes on her, the reflection comes to life and decides to open her eyes to show her who she really is, breaking the barrier that separates them. The young woman ends up in a bizarre universe where everything seems even more exaggerated and absurd. The mirror image invites her to break away from her reality and to realize that behind the caricature of herself, which she believes to be a prisoner, there is also a form of authenticity.

Choreography & Interpretation: Mélodie Cecchini & Gaëtan Boschini
Musical composition: Thibault Lavigne
Lighting design: Matthieu Luro
Production design and costume: Marie-Caroline Sousa  
Management: Marie Savignat
Production & Distribution: Elsa Malye Nora

Photo: Piko Paseos | Dance: Mélodie Cecchini & Gaëtan Boschini

PerformanceLab #20: Laboratorio Danza

18. / 20.11.2022


Dance performance by Laboratorio Danza

Behind the highest church tower in the world, Ulm Cathedral, a pedestrian discovers a narrow alley that she had never noticed before. She examines the houses and reads the meaningful name "Paradiesgasse" on the street sign. The dance theater production by Carmine Romano compiles the small sins of our time in a collage and gives the audience the opportunity for self-knowledge.

Choreography: Carmine Romano in collaboration with the dancers
Company: Laboratorio Danza

PerformanceLab #21: Internationales Solo-Tanz-Theater Festival Stuttgart


Tour der Preisträger:innen

des internationalen Solo-Tanz-Theater Festivals Stuttgart

The ROXY Ulm presents the award-winning productions of the 26th International Solo Dance Theater Festival Stuttgart 2022. Six winners from more than 200 applications from all over the world will now go on tour together. The solo artists will present contemporary dance in its purest form and offer an exciting insight into the latest developments in the international dance scene. A program that holds surprises and promises discoveries for the scene of tomorrow.

Audience Award Scholarship for Equilibrio Dinamico Ensemble 2022
Choreography and Dance: Adrian Popa (Romania) with "Hope4us

Finalist 2022
Choreography and Dance: Anette Toiviainen (Finland) with "adulthood".

1st prize choreography 2022
Choreography and dance: Zsófia Safranka-Peti (Hungary) with "Layers

2nd prize Choreography 2022, Residency Award of the Equilibrio Dinamico Dance Company
Choreography: Isaiah Wilson (Luxembourg) with "FEVRIER", danced by Raphaël Dal-Conte.

3rd prize Choreography 2022
Choreography and Dance: Noah Oost (Netherlands) with "last archive".

1st Prize Dance and Copenhagen International Dance Prize of the Copenhagen
International Dance Festival 2022
Dance Flavio Quisisana (Italy) with "QUARANTELLA".
Choreography by Valeria Marangelli (Italy)

Photo: Günter Seeger | Dance: Anette Toiviainen

PerformanceLab #22: Chris Jäger



Choreography by Chris Jäger

SEX WITH MADONNA takes on the socially tabooed bipolar disorder in its physicality. Bipolar disorder, also called manic-depressive illness, is one of the most common mental illnesses in Germany and often puts those affected in precarious situations. How does a manic body move and a depressed one? The tension between mania and depression in a person, which sheerly tears body and mind apart, is the core of this choreographic confrontation. With three dancers and 100 kg of colorful confetti, Chris Jäger conjures up a lucid dream.

Concept and choreography: Chris Jäger
Dancers: Justyna Kalbarczyk, Cordelia Eleonore Lange, Louis Thato Partridge
Dramaturgy: Julia Heinrichs
Lighting design: Raquel Rosildete
Production Management: MIFRUSH Production Micaela Trigo & Urszula Heuwinkel

PerformanceLab #23: #ShowMeYourMoves Pt.3



Performance platform

#ShowMeYourMoves! is a performance platform for dancers from a variety of backgrounds, creating performance opportunities for emerging talent. It connects and inspires professional dancers:in southern Germany to bring their work together and share the spotlight on stage.

The platform demonstrates dance's potential to embody a wide range of cultural tastes, styles and backgrounds. Once again, the performance offers audiences an exciting and diverse presentation of five to six short dance pieces in one evening. #ShowMeYourMoves! is an exchange between dance lovers and dance creators through shared performance experiences


Nilipara is a Butterfly
Choreography: Alba Perez Gonzalez (Theater Ulm)
A safe place?
Choreography: Alessio Burani & Lucas Roque Machado (Regensburg)
We shall meet in the place where there is no darkness
Choreography: Dario Wilmington & Selene Martello
Clouds for Tomorrow
Choreography: Maria Chiara de'Nobili & Alexander Miller (Dresden)
Choreography: Eric Trottier (Mannheim)
99% (Premiere!)
Choreography: Jung Jung-Woon (Seoul, South Korea)

Photo: David Kalwar | Dance: Alessio Burani & Lucas Roque Machado

PerformanceLab #24: Cia. Nadine Gerspacher


Das Innere Beben

Choreography by Cia. Nadine Gerspacher

Inspired by the widows' balconies (balcones de viudas) in the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires/Argentina, the Freiburg dancer and choreographer Nadine Gerspacher places her new piece "Das innere Beben" in a protected space, a house. The guardian of this widow's house is "Madame". She watches over the haven of freedom and the radical openness lived in it. With her address, she turns the audience into confidants and exhorts sympathy and respect.

By means of a ritual, Madame brings the group of widows - five frail, stooped figures - to life. Beginning with a slight tremor, the excitement of the women increases to a violent tremor. Pent-up emotions break free and take possession of the bodies. Hysterically, the five dancers writhe and shake with distorted faces, tears flow, screams pervade the room. Like a tsunami, the powerful quake sweeps away the "natural order". Joy and relief spread through the exhausted group. The valley of tears seems to be overcome, a new life begins.

In her usual manner, Cia. Nadine Gerspacher stages a dance theater characterized by powerful dance and acrobatic elements, which celebrates the liberation of feelings with tragic-comic elements and sets a counterpoint to social repression.

Artistic direction | choreography: Nadine Gerspacher
Choreographic assistance: Ombline Huvelle
Dance: Raphaëlle Sablic, Andréa Vibert, Camille Lejeune, Hedvig Edvall Bons, Armande Sanseverino, Hanna May Porlon, Genaro Cibils Alberti
Dramaturgue: Anna Castells
Set | Costume: 
Cia. Nadine Gerspacher, Akimbo.Future
Music: Josep Maria Baldomá
Light: Oli Lorenz
Photo | Video: Nicolas Clausen & David Kalwar
Production Management: Anna Sagrera | Big Story Productions
Management | Production: Nicolas Ricchini | Big Story Productions
Press: Christine Eyssel
Booking Agent: André Barros
Support: Jasminka Wrobel

"Das Innere Beben" is produced in cooperation with E-WERK Freiburg, Free Zone Barcelona and Big Story Productions. With the kind support of the Cultural Office of the City of Freiburg, the Fonds Darstellende Künste funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media, the NEUSTART KULTUR PROGRAMM funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media, and the Landesverband Freie Tanz- und Theaterschaffende Baden-Württemberg e.V. funded by the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts of the State of Baden-Württemberg.

PerformanceLab #25: Weniger // Pécard // Sansalvador



3 cities, 3 evenings, 3 artistic languages

Three dance-loving institutions from Freiburg, Ulm and Mannheim dare a joint experiment: With a team of three choreographers, four dancers, a rehearsal director, as well as technical and organizational support from all three cities, a joint evening is created. Their different artistic working methods promise a lot of variety and yet one thing is the same for all of them: the theme of sustainability is a central component of the project.

The choreographers Julie Pécard (Mannheim), Pablo Sansalvador (Ulm) and Magdalena Weniger (Freiburg) will work with the four dancers for two weeks each in Freiburg, Mannheim and Ulm as well as in two joint production weeks at the end in ROXY Ulm. All works of TANZtrialog are developed in close teamwork with the dancers and the rehearsal director.

TANZtrialog is a project in cooperation with ROXY Ulm/TanzLabor, EinTanzHaus Mannheim and E-WERK Freiburg/Tanznetz Freiburg, which serves the supra-regional networking of houses and freelance choreographers and dancers. The choreographic experiment has its original inspiration in the ChoreoLab Ulm, which since 2019 has opened up a space for dance artists to develop innovative artistic content.

Choreographers: Julie Pécard, Pablo Sansalvador, Magdalena Weniger
Dance & co-creation:
Unita Gay Galiluyo, Martina Martín, Cecilia Ponteprimo, Alfonso Fernández Sánchez
Rehearsal direction & co-creation:
Jerneja Fekonja
Natalie Stark
Production management:
Kathrin Maier, Sina Römer sowie die Teams von ROXY TanzLabor Ulm, EinTanzHaus Mannheim, E-WERK Freiburg in Kooperation mit Tanznetz Freiburg.

PerformanceLab #26: editta braun company


long life

Choreography by editta braun company

Today, people live an average of 72 years - a time span in which many things fit: Growing up, dreams, love, suffering and growing old. Individual biographies in a collective history that inevitably shapes individual lives. Trees grow older than humans, up to several thousand years. Their life is stored in annual rings, countable only after their death, for which humans are often responsible. Where are our annual rings?

long life reflects duration, events and traces of a long human life with all its experience and maturity, disillusionment and bitterness, weariness and mildness, but also with the persistent longing for a better world. The 74-year-old actress, dancer and founder of the Toihaus Theater Salzburg Myrtó Dimitriádou takes the stage once again in this memorial journey through a long life. At her side is Cat Jimenez as a carefree and life-hungry young woman. Her strength and grace make her a beacon of hope and an extended arm into the future for a long life that is coming to an end. long life interweaves the lifelines of the two women against the backdrop of an imagined, world-spanning network of trees, perhaps the most social beings on this planet.

Conceived before the outbreak of the corona virus, the project is clearly marked by the conditions of the lockdown that took the team by surprise before rehearsals began. Even before the two protagonists met in person for the first time, they got to know each other online and rehearsed with director and choreographer Editta Braun via zoom on the screen. The pandemic had a noticeable influence on the aesthetics and rehearsal process - as a restriction, challenge and opportunity at the same time.

Myrtó Dimitriádou and Cat Jimenez. One is 74, the other 34, both a youthful age for trees. They live up to 10,000 years. I'm 63, still young, too. So what? The finitude of my life dawns on me. My finitude, your finitude, your finitude. The trees will outlive us humans. (Editta Braun)

Dance, Acting: Myrtó Dimitriádou & Cat Jimenez
Choreography, stage, visuals: Editta Braun
Composition: Thierry Zaboitzeff
Enjoy The Silence: Martin Gore / Depeche Mode covered by Thierry Zaboitzeff with love
Venus: Robbie Van Leeuwen / Shocking Blue, vocals Sandrine Rohrmoser
Light design, technical direction: Thomas Hinterberger
Dramaturgue: Gerda Poschmann-Reichenau
Texts:  e b c  & Josef Wittmann
Photography: Bettina Frenzel
Tailoring: Lili Brit Pfeiffer, Cvetanka MojsovskiTourtechnik: Stefan Ebner
Distribution: Antje Papke

Inspired by Peter Wohlleben: The Secret Life of Trees, Munich 2019 and Richard Powers: The Roots of Life, Frankfurt am Main and New York 2018 respectively.
Sponsored by BMKÖS, Province of Salzburg, City of Salzburg.
Thanks to SZENE Salzburg, ARGEkultur, tanz_house

PerformanceLab #27: Strado Compagnia Danza

11. - 14.05.2023


Choreography by strado compagnia danza

Two and a half years of a pandemic and a war in Europe have changed our world. The cultural experience has also changed fundamentally. Whereas just a few years ago it was normal to seek out and enjoy the company of other cultural consumers throughout the year in theaters and discussion events, at dances, concerts or visits to exhibitions, this experience has now shifted in many cases behind screens, to the sofa at home.

If we look back a good 100 years to the early years of Dadaism, we find some parallels. At that time, too, a cruel war was raging, and then the world was also exposed to a deadly and widespread pandemic due to the Spanish flu.
The Dadaists were now looking for a new art to counter the madness of the world and - so their claim - to free the world from it. Nonsense, irony, wit, a wild mixture of styles and forms, semantically meaningless poems, stuttering, onomatopoeia, or even a simultaneous recitation of verses in different languages or tempos - with such actions the artists drew attention to themselves. The starting point was Zurich, but offshoots of the group spread throughout Europe and even reached America.

The Strado Compagnia Danza would like to dedicate itself to the idea of Dadaism in its new performance. Funny, communicative, unexpected and perhaps here and there crazy topics will be touched upon in the course of the performance, but without losing sight of the currently relevant ones.

Dancers: Júlia Chacón I Espí, Letícia Conduto, Valerie Lauren Damen, Katharina Krummenacher
Actor: Mirjam Morlok
Choreography: Domenico Strazzeri und das Ensemble
Costumes: Christina Schlumberger
Music: Joao Braun & Domenico Strazzeri
Texts: Mirjam Morlok
Assistance / training: Caterina Salvadori
Training: Ines Meißner & Daniela Molina
Light: Klaus Welz
Stage design: Frank Heinrich & Domenico Strazzeri
Photography / graphics: Nik Schölzel

PerformanceLab #28: #ShowMeYourMoves Pt.4



Six dance pieces in one evening

#ShowMeYourMoves! is a performance platform for dancers from a variety of backgrounds, creating performance opportunities for emerging talent. It connects and inspires professional dancers:in southern Germany to bring their work together and share the spotlight on stage.

The platform demonstrates dance's potential to embody a wide range of cultural tastes, styles and backgrounds. Once again, the performance offers audiences an exciting and diverse presentation of five to six short dance pieces in one evening. #ShowMeYourMoves! is an exchange between dance lovers and dance creators through shared performance experiences.

- After the Party... | Choreography: Thomas Noone (UK/ES)
- EX-POSE(S) |
Choreography: Héla Fattoumi (FR) & Éric Lamoureux (FR)
- AMAE (Premiere) |
Choreography: Eliana Stragapede (IT) & Borna Babić (HR)
- Saudade de Ti | Choreography: Carlos Aller (ES) & Cecilia Bartolino (IT)
- (Dis)connection (Premiere) | Choreography: Maren Wittig (DE)
- What hurts me the most | Choreography: David Nigro (IT)

Video: David Kalwar | Performance: AMAE by Eliana Stragapede & Borna Babić

"After the Party..." and "AMAE" have been produced with the financial assistance of the European Union. The views expressed herein can in no way be taken as the official views of the European Union.

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