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The ResearchLab consists of up to four residencies per year. It is aimed at supporting dance by nurturing emerging choreographers to realize their ideas from concept to live performance.

Each ResearchLab provides 3 weeks of studio space, travel, a living allowance, a production budget and local accommodation for up to 5 artists in total. Through a national/international open call the selected "dance makers" are invited to co-produce the work created in the ResearchLab, to premier in our PerfomranceLab program. The ResearchLab powers imagination through dance, it champions innovative ideas and embraces risks. By creating optimal conditions for dance artists and establishing a dialogue with our audiences through open rehearsals, the ResearchLab provides greater awareness of the limitless potentials that dance has to connect and inspire. 

DEADLINE 31.05.2021

Apply now:

ResearchLab 3: 15.09.21 with the Premier taking place on the 06.10.21

ResearchLab 4: 09.11.21 with the premier taking place on the 01.12.21

Dates subject to change.



Irina Castillo, Arts manager

Michael Mutschler, Programme director of ROXY 

Henning Reinholz, Dramaturge and ROXY press officer

Pablo Sansalvador, Artistic director of the TanzLabor  



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ResearchLab 1

Jasmine Ellis

co-production of short dance film "Onomatopoeia", residency period: 05.03.—22.03.2021. 

"Working at the TanzLabor - ResearchLab in Roxy gave me the opportunity as a choreographer to shut out some of the noise and really concentrate on the artists in the studio with me and the ways in which we want to create. It’s wonderful to work in a place that navigates the organization with the artists interested at the heart of their decision-making. The team was composed of welcoming, interesting, smart and thoughtful people. The TanzLabor is an ideal space to create in, and having access also to the Werkhalle and other facilities and technical staff was really great! We really look forward to coming back again soon!"



ResearchLab 2

Yotam Peled

co-production "Fauna Futura", residency period: 24.05.—13.06.2021





What is the ResearchLab?

The ResearchLab is a platform that facilitates dance works by providing studio space, travel, local accommodation for up to 5 artists, a living allowance and a co-production budget. We will also provide equipment for a video recording of the work that would be premiered as part of our PerformanceLab program. 

Who can apply?

Local/Global young, emerging and established choreographers are welcome to apply. We are looking to support ambitious 'dance makers' from diverse backgrounds. The ResearchLab offers residencies to choreographers of all kinds of dance styles. The ResearchLab is a melting pot of dance techniques, it is where different dance methodologies mix to create innovative dance for our audiences. Choreographers are welcome to apply with a 'work in progress'. 

When do the ReserachLabs take place?

'ResearchLab I' will be from the 01.03.21 with the Premier taking place on the 19.03.21. 'RsearchLab II' will be from the 03.05.21 with the premier taking place on the 22.05.21. Please click here to apply before the deadline on the 31.01.2021. Due to the pandemic all dates are subject to change.

Why does the ResearchLab exist?

It exists to support dance makers realize new and exciting works: from concept to performance. Each ResearchLab has two open rehearsals that provides our audiences with the opportunity to see and observe the creation process before its premier in our PerformanceLab program. It offers a cultural exchange between the resident artists and Ulms artistic community. It establishes Ulm as a city that moves the independent dance scene. By co-producing choreographic works that have the quality to be performed beyond the city of Ulm, the ResearchLab creates works that will ambassadors for Ulm in the national and international dance scene. 

Where will the ResearchLab take place?

The residency will take place in our Labor 1|12, offering 160m2 of space, please find full details here. The Performance of the piece will take place in the Werkhalle as part of our PerformanceLab program on a stage of 12m x 10m, please full details of here

How can I apply?

The ResearchLab 'open call' closes on the 31.01.2021, all applications are invited to apply online through this link. Here we will ask you to share your concept that you would like to develop during you ResearchLab. You will also be invited to upload your CV, any recordings of the 'work in progress' and or links from other choreographic works you have made.

We will announce the selected candidates on our website and through our social media channel by the 15.02.2021.  

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