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The ResearchLab consists of up to four residencies per year. It is aimed at supporting dance by nurturing emerging choreographers to realize their ideas from concept to live performance.



ReserachLab promotes innovative ideas, encourages artistic risk-taking, and aims to enrich the creative imagination within the dance scene. By offering optimal conditions for dance artist:ing and dialogue with the audience in open rehearsals, ROXY's ResearchLab aims to create greater awareness of the limitless possibilities of dance and its ability to connect and inspire people. 

Dance projects with up to five dancers can apply for each ResearchLab. The selected artists will receive a production budget from ROXY, rehearsal opportunities for approximately three weeks, as well as a living allowance, travel expenses, and on-site housing. ROXY also provides equipment for video recording of the work. The results of the ResearchLab will be performed publicly in the ROXY's PerformanceLab program at the Werkhalle. 



ResearchLab #1: Jasmine Ellis

Jasmine Ellis

Residence: 05.03.-22.03.2021 

Onomatopoeia (lat.)

The dancers Adaya Berkovich and Woosang Jeon stand on stage without an audience and try to understand if what they say is heard - or if the meaning of what they mean is missed. A short furious dance film in a single take! (duration 10 minutes)

Choreography, Director: Jasmine Ellis
Dancers: Adaya Berkovich, Woosang Jeon
Dramaturg: Martina Missel
Cinematography: Ray Demski
Music: Anton Berman
Lighting: Svenja Zielenda
Production: Jasmine Ellis Projects / Bad Posture Productions / ROXY TanzLabor 2021

Filmed in March 2021 at the ROXY Ulm

Jasmine Ellis is a Canadian choreographer and film director based in Munich. A graduate of the "Etobicoke School of the Arts", the "School of Toronto Dance Theatre" and the "Codarts Rotterdam Conservatory", she has been working professionally in dance as a performer and choreographer since 2006.  Jasmine Ellis is also an award-winning film director and artistic director of the production company "Bad Posture Productions". She has choreographed in Berlin, Florence, Groningen, Montreal, Munich, Tilbury, Toronto and Winnipeg, among other cities. 

A production of Jasmine Ellis Projects // Bad Posture Productions // TanzLabor Ulm


"Working at the TanzLabor - ResearchLab in Roxy gave me the opportunity as a choreographer to shut out some of the noise and really concentrate on the artists in the studio with me and the ways in which we want to create. It’s wonderful to work in a place that navigates the organization with the artists interested at the heart of their decision-making. The team was composed of welcoming, interesting, smart and thoughtful people. The TanzLabor is an ideal space to create in, and having access also to the Werkhalle and other facilities and technical staff was really great! We really look forward to coming back again soon!"
Jasmine Ellis
ResearchLab #2: Yotam Peled

Yotam Peled

Residence: 24.05.—12.06.2021

FAUNA FUTURA - Live dance performance by Yotam Peled & The Free Radicals 

"We may have forgotten the wilderness. We have moved far away from it, from our innermost selves, but nature has not abandoned us. Those who leave the layers of noise behind can feel the undercurrents, can see the beacon, can hear the call." 

"Fauna Futura" shows the journey of five dancers inside their bodies and the body of the land that asks them to forget, to surrender, to grow. As roots and branches, they travel together, expanding and climbing in different directions, to merge by osmosis with the landscape into a new entity - the animal of the future. (Duration: approx. 35 minutes)

Choreography: Yotam Peled
Dancers: Hemda Ben Zvi, Amie-Blaire Chartier, Marie Hanna Klemm, Nitzan Moshe and Erin O'Reilly
Music: Nicolas Fehr
Lighting design: Hanna Kritten Tangsoo
Costume and set designer: Moran Sanderovich
Dramaturgy: Valentin Vincent Braun 
Production manager: Sofia Fantuzzi
Communication & management: Laia Montoya / TINA Agency
Lighting technician: Patrick Rabus
Camera: Josef Sälzle, Andreas Usenbenz, Rob Stirner / Studio sechzehn

Production: Yotam Peled & The Free Radicals 

Funded by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media and supported by TanzLabor Ulm.


"The ResearchLab at Tanzlabor ROXY Ulm was an intense and beautiful period for our team. It was an opportunity to work with great professional conditions and artistic freedom. We felt supported and welcomed by the team, and at the same time that we had the space to dive into our specific universe without the need to please or entertain anyone. We were happy to share our process with the team and audience of ROXY and to be part of a living cultural space."
Yotam Peled
ResearchLab #3: Sofia Nappi

Sofia Nappi

Residence: 15.09. - 05.10.2021


REVA, from Hindi: "to gather strength", "rain", asks the question: What if you woke up tomorrow and had nothing left of what we often take for granted in everyday life? Nowadays, we are often so conditioned by our interpretation of the past and our expectations of the future that we live in a constant survival mode, desperately trying to find meaning and purpose for our limited lives. If you suddenly found yourself naked with nothing to lose, you would probably instead join the universal dance of life and the unconditional love of the present moment. It's like getting caught in the rain: either you try in vain to run away from it and not get wet, or you stop and consciously choose to feel the rain and thus connect with the universe.

Choreography: Sofia Nappi
Dancers: Paolo Piancastelli
Costumes: Sofia Nappi
Lighting: Sofia Nappi 
Production: Sosta Palmizi with KOMOCO/ Sofia Nappi
Co-production: TanzLabor - ROXY Ulm
REVA was created in collaboration with dancer Paolo Piancastelli.
With the support of Opus Ballet, DeDa Productions, Teatro Affratellamento
Duration: 20 min.  
"ROXY TanzLabor felt like our creative nest, where we felt safe to go beyond familiar limits with both a peaceful mind and hunger for growth."
Sofia Nappi
ResearchLab #4: KOR'SIA


Residence: The ResearchLab #4 couldn't take place due to Corona and unfortunately the piece couldn't be realized in the TanzLabor.


Bird is a new project that combines choreography with natural and social sciences, questioning the way we live and perceive our environment.  

The idea was born from the study of the behavior of animals, especially birds, and the correspondences in human behavior. The emotional sphere, languages, relationships between peers, the ability to build and decorate nests, and love rituals, among others, are the starting points of the choreographic research.  

The aim is to increase the awareness of the relationship with others through the instinctive and expressive human character and through the evocative abilities of the human body.   

In the creative process of the KOR'SIA collective, music is the essential element of the choreographic composition. In this case, the sound space is designed to captivate the viewer, mixing classical, electronic and environmental music to appeal to different emotional sensations. 

Choreographer/Director: KOR'SIA
Dancers: Mattia Russo and Antonio de Rosa
Lighting design: KOR'SIA 
Music: Various artists, collage 
Dramaturgy: KOR'SIA and Guiseppe Dagostino 
Supported by the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports // Government of Spain, Municipality of Madrid, City of Madrid. 
ResearchLab #5: Julia Maria Koch

Julia Maria Koch

Residence: 09.05. - 17.06.2022


What would have happened if Adam and Eve had been different people?

EDEN is a multidisciplinary movement piece that combines dance, music, voice work and poetry with a strong physical and visual approach.

The work deals with the always relevant questions of freedom and humanity, but also with the fantasy of another beginning, not as a new beginning, but conceived as a hypothesis about other possibilities and choices.

According to the Swiss philosopher Emil Angehrn, the beginning can be experienced in three different ways:
As the opening of a free space.
As the release of possibilities.
As the installation of a ruling power.

EDEN is an intellectual experiment that discusses the heterogeneity of the raised questions and reflects the tension that is inherent in reference to the origin as a whole - which can be experienced and grasped by means of bodies in space and thus collectively shared and carried forward.

Concept and choreography: Julia Maria Koch
Dance and creation: Romane Petit, Camille Jackson, Yadira Rodríguez, Erick Odriozola, Fabio Calvisi
Music/ Composition: Konstantin Heuer, Thorolf Thuestad
Co-composition, performance, voice and text work: Alwynne Pritchard
Lighting design: Torsten Lippstock
Costume: Julia Maria Koch with design work and friendly support of Studio DRKRM and daijanala, Berlin
Tailor: Ibrahim Biawa

EDEN was created as part of the TanzLabor ResearchLab and is a joint co-production with E-Werk and Tanz-Netz Freiburg. The premiere was performed at the Ulm Moves! Dance Festival.

Special thanks to Bine Eberhardt.



What is the ResearchLab?

The ResearchLab is a platform that facilitates dance works by providing studio space, travel, local accommodation for up to 5 artists, a living allowance and a co-production budget. We will also provide equipment for a video recording of the work that would be premiered as part of our PerformanceLab program. 

When do the ReserachLabs take place?

ResearchLab #6: The rehearsal phase will start on December 12, 2022, with the premiere scheduled for December 17, 2022 as part of the #ShowMeYourMoves performance.

Who can apply?

Local/Global young, emerging and established choreographers are welcome to apply. We are looking to support ambitious 'dance makers' from diverse backgrounds. The ResearchLab offers residencies to choreographers of all kinds of dance styles. The ResearchLab is a melting pot of dance techniques, it is where different dance methodologies mix to create innovative dance for our audiences. Choreographers are welcome to apply with a 'work in progress'. 

Where will the ResearchLab take place?

The residency will take place in our Labor 1|12, offering 160m2 of space, please find full details here. The Performance of the piece will take place as part of our PerformanceLab program in the Werkhalle on a stage of 12m x 10m (please full details of here) or in the Studio (104m2, for more details click here).

How can I apply?

Calls for ResearchLabs will be announced here on our website and on our social media channels.

Please share with us your concept that you would like to develop during the ResearchLab. Please attach your resume, any videos of a work in progress, and links to recordings of other choreographic work of yours.

For questions about the application and more information, please contact the artistic director of the DanceLab, Pablo Sansalvador. E-Mail

Why does the ResearchLab exist?

It exists to support dance makers realize new and exciting works: from concept to performance. Each ResearchLab has two open rehearsals that provides our audiences with the opportunity to see and observe the creation process before its premier in our PerformanceLab program. It offers a cultural exchange between the resident artists and Ulms artistic community. It establishes Ulm as a city that moves the independent dance scene. By co-producing choreographic works that have the quality to be performed beyond the city of Ulm, the ResearchLab creates works that will ambassadors for Ulm in the national and international dance scene. 

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