photography: Guido Stuch

Developed by artists for artists

PlayLab is a connecting point for the region’s creative and artistic community to exchange through dance.

"The two-hour PlayLab is open to all artistic practices and creates a creative space where we can connect and share through our human instinct to move and play. All creative dancers, choreographers and performers can participate, as well as creative thinkers and makers from other disciplines. 

Each PlayLab session will be led by one or more "director" who will explain the guidelines of the evening's play theme and inspire the play session. Please note that the PlayLab is not a performance, nor does it aim to create a final product. Think of the ROXY as your playground. We will provide you with a playkit of simple game themes so that you, the player, can be free and play like there's no tomorrow! Remember that play is the highest form of exploration and that you can never use up your creativity."
Pablo Sansalvador, Artistic Director of TanzLabor

If you have an idea or suggestion for a PlayLab we would be happy to hear from you. Please send your proposal to tanzlabor@roxy.ulm.de 


Please note
  • Participation in Playlab is free of charge (or donation based)
  • Online pre-registration is required
  • The PlayLabs are held in a mixture of German and English


PlayLab #1 - 07.02.2021

Play directors:

Project " Shout for dance" - Photographs of dancers with color powder

Project "Digital Dance" - motion capture technology and 3D animations


PlayLab #2 - 27.02.2021

Play directors:

Photographs with fog and light.

Stop-Motion Videos 

PlayLab #3 - 27.03.2021

Play director:


360° Impro Dance Jam 

PlayLab #4 - 07.05.2021

Play director:

Motion Capture Dance

Foto: Guido Stuch

PlayLab #5 - 04.07.2021

Play directors:


Dronevideos with dancers

PlayLab #6 - 14.07.2021

Play directors:


Record: "Dolphins Near Venice"

PlayLab #7 - 01.04.2022

Play director:



Every body and its possibilities are unique and beautiful, just as every dance and how it develops out of the moment is unique and beautiful. There are no guidelines, no right or wrong, no evaluation, no prefabricated form or choreography, there is only you, the others, the space and the music.

Ecstatic Shiva Dance is about experiencing yourself in the joy of dance and celebrating life. It is not about skill.

Further dates:
22.05.2022 | 14.08.2022. | 23.09.2022

Photo: Guido Stuch

PlayLab #8 - 18.09.2022

Play director:


Rhythm & Flow

 Photo: Lucas Pezeta



What is the PlayLab?

Created by artists for artists, PlayLab is a monthly meeting point for Ulm's creative community. It's designed to trigger new connections, inspiration, exchanges and facilitate the sharing of artistic expertise through our love of 'play'. Each PlayLab session will be guided by a "director" who will offer a specific idea that inspires 'play' and will bring together the different artistic practices of the 'players'.

Who is the PlayLab for?

You don't have to be a creative to be creative! - It is open to every kind of artistic practitioner, from professionals to aspiring enthusiasts. We are all 'players' and all art forms are welcome: dancers, musicians, actors, visual artists, composers, photographers, film makers, fashion designers, poets and anyone who enjoys playing, moving and generating creative output. 

Am I allowed to come to the PlayLab as an Observer?

Yes, you're welcome to join PlayLab as an observer however you will still need to sign up. We would appreciate it if you come with an open and supportive mindset as we want to establish a nurturing environment for all the 'players' at the PlayLab. Remember this is not a performance. As an 'outside eye' you are welcome to give constructive feedback and encouragement. Also if you do have a change of heart while watching, you are welcome to change from an observer to a player and participate in the PlayLab experience.

How will it work?

Think of the ROXY building as your playground and your fellow creatives as your 'Play buddies'. ROXY will provide a 'basic play-kit' with objects, tools and equipment to enrich your play experience. In agreement with everyone the "director" will set some play parameters to guide the session. If desired there is a possibility of having a sharing near the end of the PlayLab session.

Important note: PlayLab does not aim to achieve or reach a final piece or conclusion, because creativity itself doesn't care about results, the only thing it graves is the process!

What is in the PlayKit?
  • Projector
  • Green screen
  • Two microphones
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Lighting equipment
  • Amp
  • Mixer
  • Video camera
  • Piano
  • Paper stand
  • Paper
  • Pens, crayons, chalk
What is the process of a PlayLab?

18:00 H — Doors open, possibility to set up equipment if needed
19:00 H — Meet and greet
19:15 H — "Director" explains their play ideas
19:30 H — Playtime
21:00 H — Optional sharing, feedback, observations
21:30 H — Get-together for all participants
22:00 H — PlayLab finishes

Why make a PlayLab?

Play is a gateway to vitality. Research reveals that play stimulates brain function, boosts your mental activity, nurtures relationships, reduces stress and improves your overall wellbeing. While some people may appear more playful than others, research suggests we are all wired by evolution to play. You can never use up your creativity, the more you use, the more you have!

How do I sign up?

PlayLab is free. However, it requires that you sign up before. If you have any special needs or technical requirements in order for you to participate in the PlayLab please email tanzlabor@roxy.ulm.de at least 72 hours before the PlayLab begins. We will do our best to accommodate your needs.


What is a "director"?

We learn how to thrive by 'dancing in chains'. The "director" may want to research a particular idea and they will establish an outline of parameters for the PlayLab. The parameters set by the "director" will need to be agreed by all 'players' before playtime begins. 

How can I apply to be a "director"?

Have you got a specific idea you would like to try out in a PlayLab? If you're up for the challenge of being a "director", please email tanzlabor@roxy.ulm.de with your idea  and we will get in touch with you. The person in this role requires good team skills, charisma, intuition, listening, active participation and facilitating skills. This person may have experience in coordinating creative groups, choreography and or leading physical theatre or dramaturgy. We recommend that you participate in at least one PlayLab as a player before you take part as a "director". 

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